Product Warranty Information

  • All products sold on will carry the manufacturer's warranty only.
  • Warranty will only be available in the state of Qatar unless the International warranty is specifically mentioned in which case, warranty outside Qatar will be available for that product as per the definitions of the manufacturer.
  • Wrongful usage of devices and products are extremely dangerous, so the buyer must utilize such devices in a correct, safe way and only for the right application of the device and/or product, wrongful utilize or for the specific purpose is the sole responsibility of the buyer, generally the seller shall not be subject to any kind of claims according to the wrongful usage.
  • The buyer declares that he examined the purchased devices and/or products and he received all devices and/or products in sound condition as per standard specifications. In case in case if any device and/or product defects and/or halts, the buyer or anyone else must not operate, repair or reused the device / product. The buyer must contact customer service center of Jumbo Electronics W.L.L (as mention in the invoice) as not to put himself and/or others at risk or hazardous circumstances, the buyer – at the time of sale should make sure that the device and/or product is correct and applicable for his purpose of usage. Otherwise the seller shall not subject to any claim according to the usage.
  • All repairs and replacements during the warranty period will be done by the respective manufacturer only and will not be responsible for providing repair or replacement for any product that develops technical problems. In case your product is malfunctioning you may contact the service center of the manufacturer directly. For your convenience, the list of the service center’s in Qatar along with contact details is available on this website.

Air Conditioners Warranty:

  • The supplier shall give comprehensive warranty (1) one year, including all parts of the AC but not including washing serivces.
  • The supplier shall give a warranty of Ten (10) Years for the compressor only for LG Inverter Split AC.
  • The supplier shall give a warranty of Five (5) Years for the compressor only on all types of Non-Inverter air conditioners of all brands, including LG. 
  • Apply the terms and conditions which mentioned in the warranty card of the air conditioning.

Spare Parts Warranty:

  • Return/exchange of spare parts limited to 3 days from the date of purchase.
  • Original Invoice must be produced at the counter for any return or exchange transaction.
  • Returned items should have original packing and accessories without use and without any damage to inside components.
  • Motor, PCB, or any electrical parts cannot be returned unless checked and certified by the company.
  • Used or worn parts cannot be returned.
  • In general, the company will not be responsible in any way for the wrong use of the sold spare parts.
  • No warranty for spare parts.

No Warranty for Free Gifts

  • Free gifts given with any of the Product purchased from the Website will not be exchanged and/or covered under any kind of warranty.