Philips ADD4963GY/56 Hot, Cold & Ambient Water Dispenser (Bottom Loading)

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  • Three nozzles
  • UV
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UV-LED kills 99.9% bacteria in the cold water tank**

Since there's no chlorine, bacteria tend to grow in the water that sits inside the bottle or the cold water tank. Therefore we have the advanced UV-LED light technology installed in the cold water tank which kills up to 99.9% becteria**. The UV-LED light activates for 1 hour once the dispenser is connected with power, and works for 1 hour for every 2 hours to make sure the water stay clean.

Compressor cools water efficiently

Compressor cooling produces cool water more efficienty and faster, compared to conventional thermoelectric cooling.

Wide dispensing area fits various sizes of containers

Wide dispensing area easily fits various sizes of cup, glass, bowl and even pot.

Z-shape 304 stainless steel water pipe

The 304 stainless steel water pipe is anti-rust, and the Z-shape helps to reach the bottom of the bottle so that there's no remaining water.

Child lock to prevent hot water burns

Child lock for hot water keeps children safe from accidental hot water burns.


More Information
Color Gray
Brand Philips
Product Category Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
Dimensions 310*355*1035 (H*W*D)
Capacity 3.2L (Cold) / 1.1L (Hot)
Hot and Cold Yes
Power Supply 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
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