LG RC9066G2F Dryer, Condensing Type, 9 Kg, Sensor Dry, Smart Diagnosis™

  • Sensor Dry
  • Lint Filter
  • Ventless Drying
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Smart Diagnosis
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Enjoy Total Freedom with the LG Dryer

The drum of the dryer is shown with a clock icon in the center to show how long it takes to dry a shirt, sweater, and jeans. The drum circles, the material changes and Sensor Dry changes the time needed.

An Optimal Dry on the First Try
Have well dried clothes the first time with Sensor Dry, which humidity sensor automatically optimizes drying time.
*The results may vary depending on your actual environmental condition.
The interior of the drum is shown with the lint trap sitting inside showing that no lint or dust is left behind in the Condensing Type Dryer.

Lint and Dust Trapped for Cleaner Clothes
With a Lint Filters that minimize lint and dust, your clothes get even cleaner than natural drying.

From Bathroom to Living Room, a Dryer You Can Put Anywhere

Place your LG dryer anywhere in your house because it does not require external venting outlets.

Stainless steel Lasts Longer and Cleans Better
Stainless steel drum is more durable than coated or plastic one for it provides rust and heat resistant properties.
A hand holds a smart phone in the forefront with the Smart Diagnosis app open and cycles through the pages on the app showing issues and alerts for the dryer sitting in the background.

Smart Diagnosis™ Keeps You a Step Ahead
Stay ahead with Smart Diagnosis™ which troubleshoots minor issues and sends maintenance alerts.

More Information
Color Silver
Brand LG
Product Category Dryer
Capacity 9Kg
Installation Type (Built-In/Free Stand) Free Standing
Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 x 690 x 850 mm
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