Blueair CABIN P1 Car Air Purifier

  • Clean air for the ride
  • Makes driving safer
  • HEPASilent Technology for the road
  • Maintains and displays air quality
QAR 899.00
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The Blueair P1 and P1 Duo for larger cars and RVs are the simplest way to make sure everyone in the vehicle is breathing air free from city smog and harmful substances like cleaning chemicals and formaldehyde that evaporate from interior carpets and upholstery. With Cabin P1 or P1 duo, you'll never have to dread being stuck behind a bus again.

More Information
Weight (kg) 1.287
Color Black
Brand Blueair
Item Code 500000284
Product Category Air Purifier
Car Size Small to medium cars (3-4 m3 / 106-141 ft3)
Dimensions 97 x 205 x 205 mm (3.82 x 8.71 x 8.71 in.)
Power Consumption 5.5 high / 1.7w low
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